/home on clusters

In the cluster docs, re /home, it says the following:

If you want to use an external device for shared storage, mount that device via NFS so that /home on the Cluster Manager points to this mounted device. Make sure the cluster nodes are allowed to mount the shared storage device as well. Then, proceed with the cluster setup in NodeWorx. InterWorx will make the cluster nodes mount the correct location - the same location that the Cluster Manager was setup with for /home.


Note: If this shared storage device is mounted after InterWorx is installed, you may need to create the following symlinks:

  • /home/interworx → /usr/local/interworx
  • /home/vpopmail → /var/vpopmail [/LIST]

    It also says the following:

    If you want a separate partition for /home on the InterWorx Cluster Node servers, you should name this partition /chroot instead, and symlink /home → /chroot/home. This will allow the shared storage mounts to mount cleanly.

    So which is correct? I’d have expected to mount the share on /chroot or /chroot/home. Additionally, why wouldn’t I want the interworx and vpopmail dirs stored on my NAS? If they’re critical, and they appear to be, wouldn’t a NAS be a safer place to keep them than a local volume?

  • Maybe I should phrase this differently. Is there any downside to having the interworx and vpopmail dirs NFS mounted?