/home/siteworx dir got removed

Just 2 days ago I was trying to remove/reinstall ffmpeg and ffmpeg-php and as it seems I removed by accident some dependencies as well. Among them apparently I removed siteworx too resulting not being able to loging into nodeworx backend.
Even though websites run without problems I cant find under /home the siteworx dir so I opened a critical ticket about it.
24+ hours after I m still waiting for reply so I decided to open a topic here as well.

I know there a install .sh script in root, I was thinking to run it but I m afraid it will overwrite original sitewoprx data like mysql db and configuration files.
As it seems only /home/siteworx has been removed and nothing else.

Any help is more than welcome.


I’m going to assume you mean /home/interworx (as there is no /home/siteworx). /home/interworx is a symlink to /usr/local/interworx.

You can recreate the symlink using:

ln -s /usr/local/interworx /home/interworx

However, since you said you can’t login anymore, it seems that you may have deleted the /usr/local/interworx folder (or at least some of its contents).
So you may want to wait for a response from the InterWorx team and/or submit a support ticket.

Thank you for the reply.
Support has already resolved this one.