Horde / Alternative?

One particular client of mine has been complaining that Horde is REALLY painfully slow. No one else seems to use Horde, so I haven’t gotten any complaints, but after I got this one I decided to check it out and noticed Horde DOES load really slowly.

Is there a newly version of Horde out that I can safely install without breaking anything? Is there another webmail client I can install to replace Horde as the default mail application which also won’t break anything?

Please let me know if anyone has any suggestions as i’m slow my server is not the only one that has problems loading Horde quickly =)


You also have the option to use SquirrelMail which is already installed:


[quote=EverythingWeb;9542]You also have the option to use SquirrelMail which is already installed:


I actually knew this =) I thought about mentioning the fact that i’m not a fan of SquirrelMail, but it was after I posted my message and decided not to edit my message!

So far, what i’ve done is consulted the Horde docs and modified my “my.cnf” by adding the following to the [mysqld] section:

set-variable = query_cache_size=128M

This seems to have helped my speed issue, but i’d still like an alternative, more attractive webmail interface to be used on my Interworx server, without breaking my box!

Thanks for the reply though!

The great thing with Interworx is that it allows you to do almost anything without risking the integrity of Iworx and the box.

What I would do, is setup a webmail facility on a domain on the server. We have a naming convention for our serrvers, so ours would be at www.ew-SERVERNAME.net/newwebmail/ for example. Then, in /etc/httpd/conf.d/iworx.conf there are some Proxy & Rewrite rules near the bottom. Add a line in to rewrite all domains/newwebmail to go to your new webmail installation.

The only thing I would be concerned about getting right would be the webmail and its authentication, but providing your happy to do it there is nothing stopping you.

For more security you could try loading it to run on the Iworx’s instance of Apache/PHP, however it make get overwritten by an update :wink: