How about a way to have spam deleted on the server...

Ok, I think I have an easy one.

How about having a way on a per-user basis for detected spam to be deleted on the server prior to the user fetching it? Most of the users I have migrated from Ensim (which has that option) indicate that they’re seeing much more spam in Interworx when in actuality it’s simply getting through to their computers where it wasn’t before. If we had an easy way of letting the Interworx server kill it before they fetch it, it would at least give the appearance of being more effective.

Just a thought. Thanks.

Phil Malmstrom

I do this… kind of.

Right now the only way to do SMTP drop with Iworx is to use SMTP scanning. I didn’t want to have 2 scans happening everytime, SMTP then USER so I tried to figure out a way to drop at user level. I did this by editing the maildrop file uses to process incoming emails. The way I did it was picked a global drop SPAM score, but could probably be modified to read a variable from a file in the mail directory. Right now though every time Iworx updates my maildrop file gets overwritten, so this would be an interesting feature to add in NodeWorx instead of doing it manually.