How Can I Fix Error DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN in Google Chrome Web Browser?

Hey Guys?

I am facing error DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN in my Chrome web browser.

After watching this error message, the browser stops responding and crashes all the active tabs without giving any warning message.

The error DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN in the Chrome browser is quite effective so that I want to fix it as early as possible.

Please help me to resolve this issue.

Hi harryjosh

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What IW-CP, distro and server type are you using

I would think without more detail, that looks likely to either the DNS is controlled elsewhere or you have too many redirects in place

Many thanks



I experienced this problem also. When it appears, its due to a bad configuration of the DNS and gateways of your PC.
Here you have a list of things that you should check when you have this DNS error:

Free and Renew IP Address
Restart DNS Client Service
Change DNS Servers
Reset Chrome Flags
Temporarily Disable VPN and Antivirus
Review your Local Host Files
Check Your Domain’s DNS
Restart Your Computer

I hope it helps you to fix it!


Some time ago our agency experienced such a problem. When it appears, it was due to a bad configuration of the DNS and gateways of your PC.
I suggest you do the following to check when you have this DNS error:

Libre y renovar la direcci?n IP
reinicio del servicio Cliente DNS
Servidores de cambio de DNS
Reiniciar Chrome Banderas
desactivar temporalmente la funci?n de VPN y antivirus
Revisar sus archivos host local
Compruebe DNS del dominio
en Reiniciar el equipo

I was going through many solutions but none of them were working for me. So I went on looking for more and found one site which helped me to solve the error. The simple steps which I followed helped me resolve the issue. If any of my friend who has similar problem like me then do visit -…_nxdomain.html

This fix really works for everyone change dns to and in 2 mins error gone full tutorial how to do it

Hi there, I know this is old already but is there anyway to fix this when having android? All the tutorial posted are for desktop chrome browser I’m experiencing this on my samsung smartphone.


Cell phones are pretty locked down so unless its rooted your likely not going to be able to change the DNS server settings for your cell carrier connection. You can for you home wifi though. The following looks right. However if you let us know the domain that is not resolving we can take a look and try to figure out what is wrong. If the issue is the DNS service settings you can likely change your connection to fix it, if wifi disable wifi to see if you cells DNS settings work, if your on cell see if a wifi works. If both are having issues then its likely an issue with the DNS settings for the domain your trying to navigate to.

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Thank you Joseph! Sorry for the late response and thank you for the link which you gave me. I was able to follow a guide this guide: and manage to fix it bby changing the dns on my phone! I was using mobile data and the change wifi dns wouldn’t work so I followed the guide to install “” i think dns changer app? And after enabling or toggling the option domainss and websites now are working properly!

Credits Image from the website

Anyway, thank you for your response I appreciate it! :slight_smile: Hope if someone would be able to pass along this same issue he’ll be able to see this solution.

Glad you found something that worked and thanks for posting it!

I have been experiencing the same issue.

Updated: I have found a solution after 3 hrs of struggle and its working.

Thanks to the people who shared a solution, I had a similar error, and I was able to fix it already, thank you very much