how can I transfer a domain to different reseller

how can I transfer a domain to different reseller ?

There’s no easy way to do it in the cur version but it will be in the next.


switching reseller

hi chris

i’ve accessed your internal iworx database…

what is relation between users and reseller accts ?

if you explain it, i can write a temporary script for myself…


The internal interworx tables should not be touched. If you choose to write your own scripts to manipulate those tables, we won’t be able to offer you any further support as you would be putting the system into an inconsistent and/or unexpected state. While your script may work, it may not work after we ourselves implement the official solution, and as Chris said it will be in the next release. Proceed at your own risk.


what is the release date for next release you planned ?

We don’t publish release dates oxionet but we’ll have more info as the release approaches.