How change Bandwidth to site from shell?

Please anyone can explain how change Bandwidth to site from shell?

I need setup form shell to some value and need cahnge to unlimited.

How edit sites from shell, please can publish full documentation about this?


Could you please clarify what you are trying to do? Are you trying to modify an account’s bandwidth quota from the command line?


yes i want from shell, change bw of site to unlimited

How can make that from shell?

Or want setup to high value, but from shel, how can?

Changing the bandwidth on a given account from the shell is currently not possible. You must do it through NodeWorx. There ability to do this through the API is in the plans for the next version.


Amazing not support that !!

What parameters can be changed form shell?

Please can publish full list?

I think can be changed, the panel is just frontend for some background coomand line

backup from shell

How its possible run backup for one domain from shell ?

I apreciate the info.

You can find information about how to create backups from the command line here:

As for the panel being a front end, we store a log of core information in our databases, so not everything is a frontend to a backend command line function. Some functionality, such as backup, is exposed. As stated previously, more functionality will be exposed in the API in coming releases.


Can make change bandwidth to burstable from shell for one site?

If possible, can explain how please?

How delete site from shell?

Just out of curiosity, why are you paying for a contriol panel if you want to do everything from the shell? I’m more curious than anything.

I 2nd that :confused:

No sr, i migrate multiples sites per server from ensim

250 sites per server

So imagine, i want turn BW to unlimited in all servers and all sites !!

with shell , i can crate script for batch one step change.

Now no have this feature, so the only way is change site per site MANUALLY !

API COMMAND LINE features are very util…

Interworx no have way to import sites form ensim in batch mode.

Well, i make scirpt for restore in batch mode from ensim backup, JUST NEED RUN WHERE THE .TAR.GZ BACKUPS OF ENSIM ARE STORED : )

for a in *.gz ; do
/home/interworx/bin/import.pex --archive=/home/backupns5/$a --control-panel=ensim --ip-address=putiphere

simple but usefull…

want fix permision of all sites in one step?

for a in /home/interworx/bin/listaccounts.pex | awk '{print $2}'; do
/home/interworx/bin/varpermsfix.pex --siteworx=$a

you see? command line its very usefull :rolleyes:

Well if you’d told us what you wanted to do in the first place we could have helped you figure that out – Welcome to the InterWorx cult . . . err family :slight_smile: