How do I hack Interworx so it shows all accounts?

I am kind of fed up with Interworx only showing 10 sites (accounts) in the SiteWorx section by default.

How do I hack Interworx, which file do I edit, so it shows ALL my accounts?

I just cheked and a “per page” drodown will be in the next FULL version of InterWorx (version 2.2.0) allowing this functionality.

As for making this change yourself, I will ask one of the devs next time I talk to them but I suspect the code for that page is encrypted.

While Tim is correct that you can change the display of how many accounts per page, this setting isn’t saved between sessions, and always defaults back to 10 (a number we stupidly hardcoded into the code) when you return to the account page. We’ll make sure to have this more configurable for the next release.


I know it goes against simplicity, but it would be cool if the panel remembered that setting by pulling the per page / all number out of the Iworx settings DB. Because right now its not even saved in a single session. If you change to all then click the main Nodeworx page then got back to SiteWorx accounts its back to 10.

Adding a new value in the drop-down is NOT good enough! Besides what big difference would it be between a PAGE and ALL, which there already is.

Interworx used to remember the setting in the same session. Why did that change? I thought you guys were here to make life easier for us busy webmasters!

I want it to set to a default of ALL.

Let’s make a vote!

Who want’s a default of ALL?

Who want a default of 10 (Current Setting)?

Definitely, Justec. Like I said, we’ll make sure there’s a way to customize this in the next release. For now, we may make it a setting in the iworx.ini so that admins can change the value easily.

Tell you what, we may consider a more feature-rich user prefs style system (no promises yet :wink: ) if you guys tell us what preferences you’d like to have saved, say on a per-reseller basis. I can think of a few off the top of my head:

  • Default language to use when creating a SiteWorx account
  • Default paging for SiteWorx accounts
  • Default theme to use



This problem annoyed me, too. I worked around it by bookmarking this URL:

Obviously not a complete solution, but it will definitely get you by until 2.2.0 is released.

Thanks for the tip!

Well the great tips should be to have a setting of this (saved not only for the sessions but for all connections to nodeworx)

Personnaly I don’t want to have all my accounts in the same page. List more than 200 accoutns will be too long. So it’s true it might server some of you but not everybody.

So the deal would be to have this configurable

For me the search is exactly what I use.

Lol now it would be best if it was AJAX made :wink: (private joke)


This wouldn’t be referring to my other thread would it Pascal? I was just trying to keep Socheat and the guys busy :eek:


No no, absolutly not :wink:

It’s just that at my office there is a Ajax mode. Everybody (at my office) is trying to develop AJAX web site.

AJAX is just great, but as all the thread I post there are read by the some of the carat team it was for them :wink:

As I said Ajax is just great and to have asynchrone events on nodeworx would be great


We’re at v.3 of Interworx – what’s the deal with this 10 accounts per page default?

I can see how the 10 default might work for users with hundreds of accounts, but I’ve only got around 30 and it is seriously annoying clicking through to see the next 10 sites.

I saw an old technique that Iworx Paul suggested back in 2004: just enter % in the search field and that will show all results, or select the show all option from the dropdown menu – of course it ALWAYS reverts back to 10, arrrgggghhhh, lol.

It’s not a huge deal, but it’s a minor blemish on an awesome application…

Any workarounds? I can’t find the solution in the forums…


If you open the ~iworx/iworx.ini file, and look for:


You can set that to any number you want (e.g., 30), or you can set it to “all”.


Cool, Socheat.

Assume this gets overwritten with new Iworx releases?

No big deal if yes – now I know what to do ;–)


Works perfectly and no need to restart Iworx either.

I’ve been using this control panel for over 3 years and I am continually impressed with its evolution – can’t wait to see what’s next, lol