How do you backup your Interworx servers?

Just curious how some of you backup your servers. Looking at getting a good backup system in place and looking at R1Soft at the moment since that’s what I’m familiar with. Figured I’d take this time to see if anyone else uses something else and the reasons behind why you like/prefer it?

Hi staxed

We use r1soft on all our servers

I like it, works well and no real server loading when it backups/restores.

Have you read synthetisoft thread. He’s even going to write a plugin for it

I do have to confess though, on 1 of our servers, there is an issue with r1soft restore, which is not connected with IW and r1soft are looking into it, but it’s been a month now and it appears to have gone quiet

Many thanks and hope that helps


Create the SSL Certificate
Click on the Windows icon in the taskbar, Search for IIS, and open Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.
Click on the name of the server in the Connections column on the left. Double click the Server Certificates icon
In the Actions column on the right hand side, click on Create Self Signed Certificate.
Enter the friendly name you wish to use to identify the certificate, and then click OK.
Click the SiteWorx menu item if it is not already open.
Click the Backup / Restore menu item.
You will see a list of all the SiteWorx accounts on the server, with a checkbox next to each. If you are logged in with a NodeWorx Reseller account, you will only see the SiteWorx accounts that belong to you.
If the SiteWorx account currently has no backups, you will see No Backups in the Status column.
If the SiteWorx account does have backups you will see a [ Manage ] link in the Status column. Click the [ Manage ] link corresponding to the SiteWorx account you would like to restore.
You will see a list of all the backup files for that SiteWorx account with [ Restore ] link corresponding the the backup file you would like to restore.
Because a restore will overwrite existing data in the SiteWorx account, you will be asked to confirm. Click the Restore button to restore the account.