How do you deactivate a nodeworx account?

There’s nothing on the nodeworx user list, nor in their settings, to disable an account. I’d like this to be doable as simple as possible, if for some reason the functionality is not yet there and will be added in the future.

I’m currently running v4.6.0

You should be able to revoke their “Login” permission, which will prevent them from logging into nodeworx. Is that sufficient for your needs?


That’s not very intuitive, unfortunately, but I appreciate you shedding some light on it. It seems odd to revoke “login” permissions, but leave everything else intact. I would think login would be a separate field dedicated to its own spot on that form.

Also, have you considered something along the lines of what you’ve got for siteworx accounts, where you can simply check an account and at the bottom of the list apply an action with selected, such as Activate, Deactivate or Delete. Just like siteworx accounts, this would be the most consistent and intuitive route to enabling and disabling accounts. It just makes sense, because it’s already being used with siteworx accounts. So just copy that same functionality over to interworx accounts.

That’s a good point, you’re right, the ‘Login’ permission thing is not very clear or consistent. I’ll make a feature request about it.


Thanks Paul :slight_smile: