How: Folder Redirection


We have a customer who wants Folder redirection “like they had in cpanel” :cool:

I have had a look at their htaccess file from their cpanel host (apache 1.3 obviously) and it reads:

 RedirectMatch temp ^/$ http://DOMAIN/intro

Is there any way of achieving something similar in Interworx hosted sites?
I have never done very much in htaccess as far as redirect rules etc so please bear with me.

Thanks in anticipation.

Currently, there isn’t a SiteWorx interface for .htaccess manipulation, but there will be in the next version. Unfortunately, until then, you’ll have to create them manually. :frowning:


Helo Socheat,

Can you give some pointers on the requirements in the htaccess required to achieve this?


Sure. It’s not as intimidating as you might think.

Redirect <status> <relative_url from> <absolute_url to>

For example, say you have the SiteWorx account, with the following directories “bar” and “qwerty”:

Now let’s say you want to redirect to ->

The redirect for this would be:

Redirect temp /bar

And say you wanted to redirect to ->

The redirect for this would be:

Redirect temp /qwerty

You can find more information about the different Redirect parameters here:

That’ll explain what the <status> parameter does.

Hope that helps,


Thanks for the help, tips & pointers - most intuitive, however I am afraid I still have a query:

The client says that in Cpanel (yeah yeah, I know) he has a folder redirection from the ROOT of to
In the flashintro, directory there is an index page which has a flash movie on it, with a link also to skip into. that link goes back to and if they click on that, apparently it takes them back to (and presumably load index.php)

Now I am slightly sruggling to understand how this can actually work. It surely cant know if a visitor has gone to the site, then been referred by another page in the site, can it?

I’m pretty sure it can be done, but not using just simple redirects. Can you get at the original .htaccess file? I’d be interested to see how it was done.


Hello, just for the records, I’ve found this free windows tool to be very useful to manage .htaccess files: