"How many emails have been sent today?"

Hi all,
I was wondering if there is a simple command or script to see how many emails are being sent out today for the domain in question or the whole server if possible. The DC wants to null route my server because one customer stopped with O365 and forget to adjust all DNS records. Any help much appreciated.

Interworx v6.11.3



No there isn’t any script like that. You may be able to put something together by grepping for the domain from /var/log/send/current, piping it into tai64nlocal and grepping for the date, but I can’t make any specific guarantees.

Something like

cat /var/log/send/current | tai64nlocal > log.txt (this will print the log in a human-readable date format)
grep domain.com log.txt | grep date

As a note–your server is very, very out of date if you are still running 6.11.3. We passed that version in 2021, so it appears your server has not received any updates successfully in two years.

IW6 actually went EOL a few months ago, just in general–most IW6 servers have automatically updated . You should check to make sure that yum is working on your server, and that the InterWorx repos are enabled.

If you are experiencing issues updating your server, contact your server provider, or, if you are a direct customer (meaning you purchased your InterWorx license directly from interworx.com), you can submit a ticket to support.interworx.com and we’ll take a look for you. Remote assistance will need to be enabled, as well.

Friendly Neighborhood InterWorx Support Manager