How many vhosts can i run on interworx? Can i turn off logiing for all domains?


How many vhosts can i run on interworx?
is someone running more then 800-1000 domains on single machine?
how about file descriptor limits? is apache crashing?

is it possible to turn off access.log, error.log, transfer.log ssl.log in interworx control panel for single domain, all domains, and/or server wide?
if not, can it be added to interworx? is apache pipe-log turned on by default?

i want to migrate my 2 machines 500+500 domains to a new server with interworx and i dont want to have problems with apache, so turning off loging for some domains may do the trick.


Hi Ajsss

I hope you don’t mind, but your question is open ended depending on various factors. Interworx itself I would think does not impose any limits on number of vhosts, but rather apache would (as indeed would hardware etc…).
You may want to read this link, which may give you an idea
I would think you would have to manually adjust your httpd conf to your own requirements, as I cannot see in the GUI how you would set this.
Also, if your going to have a lot of sites, you may be interested in the cluster for Interworx, which may give you better performance of websites, and also, as you have not stated your hardware/software, you may want to look at CL, as this may stop some high load sites.
I hope that helps a little and sorry if I am wrong, we do not host even 500 sites, but a lot of our clients are high usage.
Many thanks

Hi John,

thanks for your replay, machine is Intel? Xeon? E5-1650 v2 Hexa-Core Ivy Bridge-E with 128GB ECC RAM, SSD drives, so its pretty fast.
The gol here is to turn off logging via interworx, ofc i can do this in apache conf but then i got all 1000 domains logged into single file witch will grow very fast.
I would like that interworx by adding a domain/vhost turn off by default all logginng for domain, when client got problems we enable logging, fix problem and then disable it, with something like that we will never have problems with file descriptor limits.

how many logs per vhost is interorx now crating?
if only error.log then 1000domains is possible, i saw in demo that you can turn off transfer.log why not add something similar and turn off error.log also.
and what about access.log? is this also logged by interworx?



cmon guys how many domains do you host on single machine?

if someone got more then 500 can u pls check something for me?

ps axf | grep httpd | grep -v grep

2718 ? Ss 0:00 /usr/sbin/httpd
2720 ? S 0:00 _ /usr/sbin/httpd
2721 ? S 0:03 _ /usr/sbin/httpd

3821 ? S 0:00 _ /usr/sbin/httpd
3901 ? S 0:00 _ /usr/sbin/httpd
# ls /proc/2718/fd/ | wc -l

i need to know this number above

Hi ecohost

I’m sorry, I personally am not understand what issue you have.

Theoretically, there is no imposed limit on apache, which is my understanding other then the limitations from hardware, network and usage.

If you think you have an issue which is IW related, you could always open a support ticket and let them have a look, but as I said, I am not understanding what your issue, so I can’t help any further until you explain.

However, if it helps, on one server we have 168 sites and your asked value is 360, which some might say the site number is small, but the average monthly throughput is approx 800GB and increasing and nearly all are database driven, whilst on a test server, we have 3 sites and value of 21, with no real throughput.

Many thanks


[QUOTE=d2d4j;25878]Hi ecohost
Theoretically, there is no imposed limit on apache

well apache has a hard limit on file descriptors set at 1024 and i wasn’t able to get over it, when u host more then 300domains apache reaches this limit and server crashes.
With piped logs turned on u can host up to 600domains thats why i am curious about this number. If i look at your values i see that 600domains will work without reaching 1024 limit.

Does all ur websites work with enabled transfer log?


Hi ecohost

Our logging is default set, so yes, transfer, error logs etc, as default install.

Many thanks


Hi Ecohost

I’m sure you have read this link below, but below is extract defining file description limits is imposed by the OS (Unix) and not that of apache, unless I have missunderstood sorry.

When using a large number of Virtual Hosts, Apache may run out of available file descriptors (sometimes called file handles) if each Virtual Host specifies different log files. The total number of file descriptors used by Apache is one for each distinct error log file, one for every other log file directive, plus 10-20 for internal use. Unix operating systems limit the number of file descriptors that may be used by a process; the limit is typically 64, and may usually be increased up to a large hard-limit.

Although Apache attempts to increase the limit as required, this may not work if:
1.Your system does not provide the setrlimit() system call.
2.The setrlimit(RLIMIT_NOFILE) call does not function on your system (such as Solaris 2.3)
3.The number of file descriptors required exceeds the hard limit.
4.Your system imposes other limits on file descriptors, such as a limit on stdio streams only using file descriptors below 256. (Solaris 2)

Also, please see this link to show FD is OS set, and how to change it.

I hope this helps a little but I’m sorry if I am wrong

Many thanks