How : MX dns update to an url


some clients ask to be able to update the MX zone to send all their mails to an antispam servers (like ALTOSPAM) first, then receive their mails filtered.

Like registrars do

Is there a solution to do this ?



There isn’t one from SiteWorx itself but we are planning to add a zone editor on the SiteWorx level at some point Pascal.


Thanks chris, but no way to hack it ?
In fact I have an independant dns instance on my boxe because I already sync dns fron others boxes I have.
Arff I don’t see a solution…

Chris on person of my team may have opened a ticket about this, sorry for this and you may delete it


You, as the admin, can add an MX entry to make this work Pascal. There’s just no way for an end-user in SiteWorx to do it.


haha of course… I’m so stupid :slight_smile: