How to add an Apache module

I have found the following “Bandwidth Thottling” module for Apache

However I get stock in the installation which says:

“To install mod_bwshare with static linkage, create a directory apache/src/modules/bwshare in your apache source tree.”

Where is my Apache Source tree?

I browsed all over and cannot find it!

Before I install this bwshare, I actually found a version that seems to be about two years newer here:

But with my lack of knowledge I am a bit hesitant to install this version because it mentions it for Mandrake and not Red Hat which is on mine.

Can anyone give me a hint to whether it can be “fairly” safe to try or not?


What leads you to believe that this RPM is newer than the source package from the official bwshare website? The version of bwshare in that package is 0.1.3, whereas the version you get from the site is 0.1.6. The RPM itself may be newer, but it was created using an older mod_bwshare.

Ahh, thanks.