How to change Mail Server hostname?

Currently the SMTP server greeting says the hostname is ‘InterWorx-CP’, which I would like to change to my server’s actual hostname, ‘’.

Where do I edit this? Changing it in Nodeworx -> E-mail did not help.

Edit /var/qmail/smtpgreeting, that’s the file that stores the info. This will be NodeWorx configurable in the next release.


I thought it was /var/qmail/me

That’s what I have always edited.

/var/qmail/me will change the mailserver’s hostname but what houndbee wants is to actually just change the greeting (or perhaps greeting+hostname). The /var/qmail/smtpgreeting is what is spit out when you connect to the mail server.


I think you meant, /var/qmail/control/smtpgreeting

Works great now! Thanks!

yep, sorry about that. /var/qmail/control/smtpgreeting.