How to change PHP version?

I wish to change my domain PHP version from 7.3 to 7.4, How do I do that?

I already created support ticket for this, but got no response…
support ticket: #SUP00066560 - Login - Interworx Support)


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Are you a siteworx user only or a nodeworx (or reseller) user

If a siteworx user, you need to contact your hosting provider and ask that they turn on php versions and assign php 7.4 or 8.1 to your account

You then login to siteworx and goto hosting, features domain php versions click edit icon and select your php version you want to use

If your a nodeworx user and have not assigned php version you goto system services web server overview and tick the php versions you want the hosting server to have available and save then edit the siteworx account and under php versions add the php versions

Always remember to save your changes and if not working, restart php or Apache

Please also note IW support do not work weekends for none urgent issues and are in USA so eastern time I believe so you need to allow for time zone differences

IW support are one of tte very best I have seen and are highly regarded for this

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After tick the php version at nodeworx, at where can I change my PHP version at siteworx then?

Oh, nevermind I founded the PHP options. And I already checked the PHP-FPM 7.4.32 remi-safe, but its not available there only the 7.3…


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To be clear,

you have added php 7.4 in nodeworx

You have edited the siteworx account and from nodeworx and added php 7.4 in php options

You have saved the changes

When logged into the siteworx account the php 7.4 is not shown

Can you restart Apache and check again

If still not shown, can you try a different web browser just Incase it is a browser cache issue on your computer

If still not shown, I would wait until support answer your ticket

Many thanks


How to restart Apache?

I went to the NodeWorx Home and restart the Apache. and the PHP version 7.4 is still not available…

And yes. even trying another browser, it still only 7.3


Just a note, re your ticket submission, our support hours are M-F 8am EST - 4pm EST, which is why it was not responded to until start of business this morning. :slight_smile:

Documentation to assist you was provided in your ticket, but I figured I would also add it, here, in case someone searching the forum has a similar question:

To provide a SiteWorx account access to a PHP version: How To: Enable Multiple PHP in NodeWorx and SiteWorx — InterWorx documentation

To change the PHP version for a domain: How To: Change the PHP Version For a Domain — InterWorx documentation

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