How to expand SiteWorx condensed menu?

I’ve searched the guide, but can’t find anything about the condensed menu. My NodeWorx menu is expand by default, but not sure how to expand the SiteWorx account menu.

Can you provide a bit more detail as to what you mean by expand the SiteWorx account menu? Do you mean the menu on the lefthand side of the page when you’re logged into SiteWorx? If so, that is not possible to expand–the new GUI interface for SiteWorx is just icons on the lefthand side which, if you hover over or click them, expand out the specific menu section. It is not designed to look like NodeWorx’s anymore, because of the added large icons on the SiteWorx home screen.

If that is not what you are referring to, a screenshot may be helpful.

You got it! That’s exactly what I was asking.

I didn’t really think much about that until I was looking at the branding stuff here:
appendix . interworx . com/current/getting_started/add-custom-branding.html?highlight=branding
(Sorry, even though I have the most post on this forum, it will not let me post a link)

SiteWorx Top Bar

SiteWorx Condensed Menu

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Ah ok, must have been one of the updates along the way that disabled that.