How to fix 403 forbidden errors when using IPv6

For anyone getting 403 forbidden errors from browsers or Let’s Encrypt after a fresh Interworx installation, it could be missing IPv6 addresses in Apache vhost files. After stacking IPv6 alongside IPv4 and restarting Apache, my 403 problems went away.

<VirtualHost ipv4address:80 [ipv6address]:80>

No need for more editing once SSL certificates are working because the host’s new 443 block borrows IPs from the 80 block.

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Hi sysnop

I seem to remember this has happened before and maybe connected with the missing options on install sh which iWorx Brandon resolved

I think it maybe an older vhost template and not the actual current vhost file packaged

I could be entirely wrong sorry but I do know similar has happened in the past but thankfully very very infrequent

Many thanks


The domain has been assigned that IPv6 address in NodeWorx? If so, it not being written may be a bug. All the IP addresses assigned to the domain should be written to the vhost. Do you have exact steps to reproduce this issue that you can share with us?

I will also try to reproduce on my own and see if I can recreate.

Yes, v6 addresses were assigned when SW accounts were created. For now I’m sharing the same /64 across the board because I haven’t yet gotten around to creating a pool, although I may leave it be because everything resolves and the server is humming along.

This was my third (and final) installation and each one had the 403 problem. Glad the fix was simple, it just threw me off for a while.


I was able to reproduce this on a dev server. Looks like if you create the account and then add the IPv6 address, the vhost is written correctly. Adding the IPv6 address during SiteWorx creation seems to not get written to the vhost though.

I’m filing a bug report now and will look into getting that fixed.

Thanks for letting us know! We appreciate it.


If it helps, my IPs were in the ifcfg-eth0 file before running the install script. I figured out the error after my second installation. The third was for switching PHP and MySQL versions which worked out swimmingly.

I’m so glad to be using Interworx again.

I was probably unclear. I meant adding the IPv6 address to the SiteWorx account, not the server. The address was on the server already, but I just waited until after creating the account to assign the IPv6 address to it.

A fix for this issue is currently in our review process.

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