How to force SA Learning to run?

I just realized I had stuff in my Learn Ham and Learn Spam folders, which means the SA Learning hasn’t run in a couple days.

Is there a command I can run on shell to force it to update right now?

Hi Justin

Sorry it’s late here and I’ve just arrived back.

I believe it’s connected with spam assassin, so I would restart spam assassin service

Have you checked the logs for possible reason why it didn’t pick them up - is your basian turned off

I believe from some posts on here, it is better to stop learning for spam, if users do not regularly update their learning folders, due to it could reverse the logic of learning and allow more spam through. Certainly, after reading and testing this, we found it was better at catching spam with basian turned off globally etc, and making sure SA is updated daily

I hope that helps, but sorry if wrong, it’s late

Many thanks


Some of my accounts ran (2 out of 4) ran last night, the other two did not, still have email sitting in the learn folders. This is pretty weird, so I think I’m going to open a support ticket.

For future reference, to manually run the learn you can run this command:

~iworx/cron/spam.pex --sa-learn