How to increase PHP Memory Limit?

So I have try to increase my PHP memory limit for 512MB at my .user.ini file. enter image description here

However, at my elementor system info it’s mention the PHP memory limit is still the master value which 128MB… How do I actually increase the PHP memory limit for elementor? enter image description here

I even try to put this at my wp.config.php define (‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘256M’);

Also don’t work. Why elementor only stick with 128MB? Isn’t 128MB the minimum Memory limit of elementor, why it can’t be increase?

Is there any solution for me? I thank in advance as always…


Which php version are you wanting to increase memory

If it is for siteworx accounts php versions, you need to set memory limits on each of your php versions main php.ini and then restart php

I would need to look up the location of the php.ini but you could load info.php and it will tell you the location which is where you need to edit the php.ini and change limits

Many thanks


Hello John, thank you as always for helping. good news I manage to increase the memory limit with wp.config,php, but just in case, for the location do you mean this? /etc/opt/remi/php74/php.ini

That is the correct location for the main PHP7.4 ini file.

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