How to increase upload limit for PhpMyAdmin

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Where can I change the upload limit in PhpMyAdmin from 128mb to 256mb?
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Hi nico

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Please see below a post I made for increasing myphpadmin size

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Just a quick post to help anyone wanting to increase the phpmyadmin upload to greater then 128Mb
You need to SSH into your server and edit as root or use sudo
vi ~iworx/etc/php.ini
change the following settings
post_max_size =
upload_max_filesize =
memory_limit =
If settings do not show, restart apache or restart server and check
I hope that helps
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Hi John,
Many thanks, I probably do use the wrong wording to look on the forum and Gxxgle, sorry.

John, that file doesn’t exist somehow, I checked another server but same…
I then tried to increase the ones in /etc/php.ini but no result either.

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Hi Nico

I have undeleted your thread

edit the following and make sure those 3 files are set correctly:

vi /etc/opt/iworx/iworxphp72/php.ini

Then increase size as needed from following file:

vi /etc/opt/iworx/iworxphp72/php.d/90-iworx-overrides.ini

save and run

service iworx restart

service httpd restart

check and all should be good

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Hi John,
Thank ever so much, I was now able to import the backup of the database, only to discover it was ‘old format’ and I had to put in an extra row with sql_mode="" in /etc/my.cnf The problem I had was that users where not able to login the back-end/front-end of their website and I thought it was due to a failed import, seems in the past some fields could just be empty instead of NULL, and MariaDB seems to be more ‘strict’ All sorted now.
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nico una pregunta d?nde pudiera yo cambiar el l?mite de carga en PhpMyAdmin de 128mb a 256mb?

Hola, inicie sesi?n ssh como root y nano /etc/opt/iworx/iworxphp72php.d/90-iworx-overrides.ini

post_max_size = 256M
upload_max_filesize = 256M
memoria_limit = 256M

Si su iworx php es una versi?n diferente, reemplace el 72 con su versi?n

servicio reinicio iworx
servicio httpd reiniciar
En Nodeworx reinicie todos los servicios PHP-FPM