How to install php-gd2 ?


How to install php-gd2 on a iworx box? using yum … nothing there …

Thank’s in advance


… and php-gd gives:
Resolving Dependencies
–> Populating transaction set with selected packages. Please wait.
—> Package php-gd.i386 0:4.3.9-3.15 set to be updated
–> Running transaction check
–> Processing Dependency: php = 4.3.9-3.15 for package: php-gd
–> Finished Dependency Resolution
Error: Missing Dependency: php = 4.3.9-3.15 is needed by package php-gd


gd2 may already be installed as part of our default PHP Paulo. I believe it is. There’s no need IIRC for an external package (i.e. php-gd).


The php which comes with Iworx will have gd support installed. I’ve installed and run several scripts which required php GD support and they worked file.

Thank you :wink:


We have a server running php 5.1.6 and we don’t see the gd2 library in it. Is this possible?


As default, php-gd2 is installed build-in on php as stated by the interworx guys

There could be other issue afecting the eventual script


Well, actually we had to do a:

yum install php-gd

to get it working.

Don’t ask me why…

Many thanks to Paul (Interworx) for helping us out with this one!


I’d actually like to point out to the Interworx team that we had to do this on another of our servers because it wasn’t installed.

All three servers are 64 bit CentOS installs.

Another server with the same config had to go through the same. Just pointing it out :slight_smile: