How to Remove the Siteworx Icon Description Text ..DIV class="text-muted"

Hi All,

I am after a cleaner looking Siteworks Control Panel.
Does anyone know know to remove the Siteworx Icon Description Text …DIV class=“text-muted” ?



What version of InterWorx are you running? I do not believe it is possible to make any changes of that nature to the IW7 interface. I am not 100% certain on the IW6 interface, but I can follow up with one of the devs after the weekend.



I followed up with a dev this morning and they said that it would not be possible for you to edit/remove that setting, however, I’m going to make a feature request to have it be configurable in IW7. I do not have an ETA at this time, but you can keep an eye out on new features/changes at

Friendly Neighborhood Interworx Support Manager