How to set default language

I would like to be able to set the default language to something other than english. Is it possible?
I have enabled my translated language file but it still shows english on the login pages for nodeworx/siteworx. Once I login I can see my choosen language fine.

As a workaround I could probably edit the index.tpl files in my theme, but is there a smoother way?


Hi tsl-

Just to clarify, the logon page is the only thing that is not translated for you?

Once you have successfully logged in, SiteWorx and NodeWorx are in the translated language, correct?


Hi Dustin,

Yes thats correct. I can see in the index.tpl files that it uses the lang variables:

These are translated in the lang file, but I think that since nodeworx or siteworx does not know your lang preferences until you login, it displays the default english lang…I have however as admin set the lang to the one I want.

Thanks for you quick reply

You definately do not want to modify the tpl files directly. You can modify the default language set for all new SiteWorx accounts by editing /home/interworx/iworx.ini. Look for this block:


And change “en-us” to the 2 letter language code for your language. Look in /home/interworx/lang/languages.ini to find the corresponding 2 letter code for your language.

Again, this will only change the default language for all future SiteWorx accounts. If you have already created a few SiteWorx accounts, you will need to change the language on those manually. However, all new SiteWorx accounts will automatically be set to your chosen default language.

Hope that helps.

Sigh… that obviously was not what you were asking about… :o

File my previous reply under “Irrelevant Tidbit” :rolleyes:

Update: we’ve fixed it in the devel version so that the NodeWorx and SiteWorx login page uses the system default language set in the iworx.ini file. This will only affect the language used on the login pages. After logging in, the account’s language preference will be read and loaded and NodeWorx/SiteWorx will use that language rather than the system default.

Thanks for the info Socheat!
Actually it was not irrelevant since I was looking for a way to set the default language :slight_smile:
However you last post is very interesting…how can I implement the solution to the login page on my current system?

Thanks again

Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait until the next InterWorx point release. :frowning: Good news is we release fairly often, so it shouldn’t be too far away.

Ok, good to know.
Thanks for your support.


Hello again,
it seems that the default language is preset to my default choosen one when creating a manual account in NodeWorx. However…when an account is automatically created via HAPI (Whois.Cart) it gets the “English (U.S)” as language set. Is this something in the HAPI module and should be addressed to Saeven, or is this caused by something in IWorx-CP?


Nice find again, tsl. This is a bug in InterWorx and it will be fixed in the next release.

that’s good to hear. I can manage the lang manually in the mean time. Is this in someway also similar to what I post in this thread…
…that when automatic creation is done, the zone files only get the secondary nameserver and not both?


Quickly looking at the InterWorx API code, it doesn’t appear to be a problem on our end, but as Chris mentioned in the other thread, without a Whois.Cart install for us to test with, it’s hard for us to tell.