How to set SPF, DKIM, DMARC correctly?

There is no bug, however when I check the Mail header, the alligment and authenticated is not found, here’s what it mention to me:

But it works?? the mail didn’t send through spam and able to receive it. How I apply the SPF, DKIM, and DMARC is based on the documentation, here’s what my record looks like:


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Those records need to be created in SiteWorx and then copied to your DNS provider. If they are not created in SiteWorx, they won’t match the domain/server.

All of our documentation can be found at

This section provides info on how to create those records: Mail Related DNS Records — InterWorx documentation


yes, actually I created it at the siteworx and just move it to the DNS…


Sorry looking on a small mobile is not the best

The spf is not correctly ended

It needs either hard or soft fail so either end hard fail -all or soft fail ~all

Are you using your interworx server for dns or a third party dns - if third party dns then the record needs to be exact

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I think you also have dns record issues unless I am misreading your dns settings you posted

There is no dmarc record shown

Your MX is set to your dmarc record

I would correct these records so you have proper dmarc and MX dns records.

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