How to setup 404 pages within Interworx/siteworx?

How do you setup 404 pages within Interworx and siteworx?

The easiest way is to add a .htaccess file in your root directory that says where you want them to go. Otherwise you need to edit the entries in your conf.d

Here is a sample I use:

ErrorDocument 400
ErrorDocument 403 
ErrorDocument 404
ErrorDocument 500

#400 Bad syntax
#403 Forbidden
#404 Not Found - Most common
#500 Internal Error

you cant make this filename in windows, I will name it htaccess.txt, then upload, and rename to .htaccess

Actually, you can in Windows. Simply surround the filename with quotes and save as type all files and it works fine - i.e. “.htaccess”.

That’s a prety slick trick – thanks :slight_smile:

sonicgroup - that depends on the version of windows. 9x (ME, XP home) , it dosnt work on, NT(2k, XP pro) it does IIRC.

I can’t verify that as all my comps are running 2000/XP Pro. Doesn’t make sense, but since when has anything Microsoft has ever done made sense? :wink:

keeping it .txt also help the problem of ftp clients not switching the the right mode (ascii / bin). (You would be suprised to see how many people dont know about this :()