How to stop/disable APF for five hours?

Please advise me how to stop APF for certain time (eg 5 hours). When I stop APF it stops, but it is restarting after 5 mins. Tried command terminal and nodeworx.

That’s weird is it in debug mode? Debug mode restarts every 5 minutes.

Hi danialjose

You should be able to stop firewall from nodeworx, server firewall

If it’s restarting, make sure you have autorestart set to off for firewall, otherwise it will auto restart when detected service stopped.

If this is set to off already, are you on a cluster, if so, you need to set at cluster master as above.

If all else fails, and your sure autostart is set to off, but nodeworx is not allowing you to stop firewall, ssh into server and run service iptables stop

You will have to reverse changes when you want firewall on

Michael, the debug mode does not restart firewall if service stopped I believe, it resets the tables in case of lockout. I could be wrong though sorry

Hope that helps

Many thanks