How to stop search engines from indexing NodeWorx url?

Hi all,

I have checked the code on the NodeWorx default login page and i found the following html meta tag:

<meta name=“robots” content=“all”>

I’m not an expert in SEO, but this seems to allow all search engines to index the NodeWorx login page.

Does anyone confirm this?

If yes, i think this is a “low” security risk and i do not want search engines to index this page.

Any ideas or opinions?


Hi nqservices

You could always include or setup a robots.txt file to stop or limit search engines

However, as I’m sure you are aware, it would not stop bad or ignorant bots

Many thanks


Hi John,

Thanks for the robots.txt suggestion. I think i will use that solution.

I can’t think of any reason, anyone would like to have it’s server administration page/url, in this case NodeWorx, indexed on Search Engines (ex: google).

I think InterWorx team should think on changing this by changing the meta html tag to “nofollow”

Hi Nqservices
I do not see any issues (security or otherwise) with the login page been indexed by search engines myself, as some of our clients would search to find the login page.
It is not a secret page, or locked down to specific IP access (unless you want access limited to a billing platform etc, but then you would use HTACESS or it would be on a pivate IP address), and all bad bots etc would find the page if not locked down anyway (these are ideally what you want to stop), and access beyond the login page is restricted or stopped if not logged in via the login page (or should be).
However, I do recognise that it is a user choice as to how they want their setup, and offcouse, you could always change the metatag to nofollow as well as having a robots text file.
This is just my opinion though, where others may disagree
Many thanks

Hi John (d2d4j),

Ok, i understand your point of view. And yes i think it’s a user choice.