How to UNmap database from SiteWorx account (CLI or UI)

Hi guys,

I have in the past mapped unprefixed databases to SiteWorx accounts using the CLI (and the UI), however those databases no longer exist. This causes errors when logging into SiteWorx:

How can I UNmap those from the SiteWorx account? There doesn’t seem to be such functionality in the CLI or the UI to do so.



How did you remove the databases? Did you delete them via SiteWorx or via mysql, itself? The former is the recommended way of deleting databases, since it also removes them from the internal iworxdb.

Fixing this requires making direct changes to the internal iworxdb, which is something that we should do for you, as just the smallest typo could break all of iworx.

So please submit a ticket to Make sure to provide the IP or hostname, SSH port if it is anything other than 22, and make sure that remote assistance is enabled–that lets us access the server securely, and we cannot do anything without that enabled: How to Enable Remote Assistance — InterWorx documentation

Please also include the ticket the domain, as well as the names of the databases.


It was done via mysql directly (the server in question only really has 2 SiteWorx accounts, and 1 of them is anything but a typical site - instead it has hundreds of unprefixed databases). Unfortunately we’re stuck created/renaming/deleting databases this way so this problem is bound to recurr again and again in the future.

I’ve worked with the internal iworx db in the past on other machines (for DNS reasons) so I’m familiar with it and the risks. I would prefer to manually make these changes myself, though it’s been probably a decade since I last had setup access to that database. Is there a guide on how to access it? I seem to recall it’s simply running on another port and there was a way to get the password from the command line.


We do not have a public guide as to how to access the internal DB because we don’t really want customers doing so on their own, due to the risks involved. If you submit a ticket, I’ll let you know the steps.


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