how to upgrade PHP 3.3.3

I need to upgrade PHP to version in the range of 5.3.8 to 5.3.15

Hi hostcloud

I hope you don’t mind but if your IW is only running php 3, I would think it is a old version and certain parts of IW maybe broken if you upgrade php to ver 5.

I would think you would be better to upgrade IW to latest ver 5.14, which would give you php 538, as well as all the additional changes, such as MySQL, OpenSSL etc… And given the time to upgrade just php and try to fix anything broken verse complete IW upgrade, the latter would be more economical I would have thought.

If your on IW 5.14 already, but with php 3, then I would suggest to open a support ticket to find out why

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I’m guessing it’s a typo, and that he means php 5.3.3, that ships with CentOS 6.
Joomla 3.3 was released last week, and requires php 5.3.10 as minimum.

Since we are running CloudLinux my solution to this problem was to install php selector, that way we always have the latest stable release of each version (5.3.x, 5.4.x, 5.5.x). And we get the added bonus of being able to run different versions on different clients. If your running centOS, I would highly recommend looking at Cloudlinux. It’s a inplace migration, and you will get so much more tools and security.

Hi Evanion

Many thanks, I hope your well and I’m sorry I never thought of a typo error.

Yes, CL would allow different php versions, but the post does not give any details of IW or OS versions used, and if php version been in current use is 5.3.3, then upgrading to latest php version should be straight forward, as IW use their own versions, but I do think it is easier just to upgrade IW and receive all the extra changes/bug fixes.

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I’m sorry I just realised the version php Evanion wrote was 5.3.10, my tiny brain interpreted this as 5.3.1 and I was struggling to see why 5.3.8 would not be acceptable, sorry, and a big thank you to Evanion for pointing out that the post may have been a typo error.

For anyone who reads this post, please read the following post which should help prior to upgrading php.

I hope that helps a little

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Did you upgrade 5.3.3 to 5.3.10 ? The latest php version on 5.3 version is 5.3.28 … how can i upgrade it ?

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No I installed, php selector from CloudLinux.
That gives us a lot of benefits, and always contains the latest release of each php version.