how to use port farwarding for 2 ips in nodeworx

I have created 2 IPs in nodeworx, 1 is dedicated and one of them is shared. They both have a domain on them. my first and primary IP is and my secondery IP that I use for shared hosting is I have forwarded ports to and my domain in the second IP: does’t work. What should I do to fix this problem?

Is there any solution for me? the domains on the secondery IP are and

the domains work inside the lan, but not outside the lan. Should I change the DNS IP to my external IP for the secondary IP? or should I leave it as Please give me any suggestions that you have


If things work inside the lan but not outside I’d check your router/firewall mappings from outside => inside and make sure that all of the IPs are mapping correctly, including ports. From what you’ve typed I’m still not following what your exact setup is so it’s hard to tell you much more than that.


Do you know what kind of router supports doing this? I have a linksys router, I’v played around with it, but I was not succesfull.