How would I do routine remote backups

Is there anyway to do remote backups via ssh ? like bash script on cron job or something ?

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Yes, take a look at CLI after ssh into server

The easiest way is after logged in via ssh, type nodeworx or siteworx and look at man page, or simply look at the menu list

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Check this page:

I made backups and transferred them to a backup server via ssh automatically. Now I’m using rsync to synchronize two servers.


Sorry, I didn’t realise you were looking for automated backup to another location.

If it helps everyone, rfx networks have rsync but which does incremental. Works lovely

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See this thread for a possible solution to automate remote backups. It’s written for amazon s3, but you could adapt it to your needs.

I know this thread is a bit old but I have a remote backup script that is automated.

Grab it here:


  1. Unpack the archive.
  2. Edit the config file.
  3. Key your servers so that you can connect via ssh from the local to the remote without any password.
  4. Edit the skiplist file if necessary and add domains you want to skip. One domain per line.
  5. Run the script manually to test and then create your cron job to do it daily or weekly… (1.52 KB)

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Many thanks for sharing.

It would be lovely if more users shared, I know there’s a few who do, which is great and helps all forum users.

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