howto change existing account IP address?

I need to switch an IP on an existing account/site. The server is clustered if that matters, and DNS is handled by eNom for the domain.

I checked the documentation but there is no change IP checkbox. The IP dropdown is greyed out.

The IP I need to swap it over to is enabled on the server, and can be used for new accounts.


Hi FusionHosting,

Currently, changing the IP of an account on a cluster is disabled from the interface. What you’ll need to do is edit the vhost conf files and change the IP on the cluster manager and all nodes for that account. You will also need to update the DNS record accordingly in the cluster manager NodeWorx.

Hope that helps,

ok, so change the IP in the ‘’ vhost file in /etc/httpd/conf.d/ folder of the nodes and CM? I’ll give that a try.