Howto delete Squirrel Mail User preferences (in database)


How do I delete the SquirrelMail user-prefs for a mailbox?

When removing a mailbox and re-creating (all in siteworx), the SquirrelMail userprefs are still there, resulting in some imap folder subscriptions not showing up etc within the SquirrelMail screen for the particular mailbox-user.

I should think that it is some kind of account removal tool that I am looking for. I saw that there is a command called package.deactivate.pex, though this looks like it removes an entire siteworx account and not an individual mail-account (and it’s squirrelmail and horde preferences that are still left when doing a mailbox removal through siteworx)

(I have also issued a ticket regarding this)

Hi Henrik,

Yup, package.deactivate.pex is for deleting accounts, and shouldn’t ever really be run manually from the command line. I just responded to your support ticket, SquirrelMail prefs are stored here:



Hi Socheat,

Thanks for responding to my ticket. Should it be considered a bug that the userprefs are still intact for the particular mailbox when removing it and then re-adding it into the system?

Removing the prefs and abook-files after removingt he mailbox did not fix the issue described (ticket updated).

Got your ticket update Henrik. Let’s keep the responses in one place (in this case, the ticket system), until the issue is resolved to avoid confusion.

Okay, thank you!