Howto use my own certificate on IMAPS/POP3S etc


How do I use my own certificate on IMAPs / POPs / SMTPs (SSL/TLS)?

I have managed to install my own (purchased) certificate by following the instructions here, however I want to install the same certificate for IMAPs etc


I got this from Kevin at Steadfast and it worked perfectly:

cat name.crt name.key (name.chain.crt if present) > /usr/share/courier/pop3d.pem
cat name.crt name.key (name.chain.crt if present) > /usr/share/courier/imapd.pem
cat name.crt name.key (name.chain.crt if present) > /etc/stunnel/stunnel.pem
cat name.crt name.key (name.chain.crt if present) > /var/qmail/control/servercert.pem

service imap4-ssl restart
service pop3-ssl restart
service smtp restart

Looks good Henrik, the only thing he may be missing is the
file for TLS

I think it was in there already?! :slight_smile:
(the last line)

Sigh. Nevermind me. I’ll get my eyes checked soon.


For imap and pop you just have to copy your pem file in /usr/share/courrier and replace the imapd.pem and pop3d.pem ones (verify the exact name)

For smtp, if you want to use TLS, then you have to install STARTTLS. I’m pretty sure iworx qmail isn’t patch for it . For SSL there is also some patch to apply

For me the best implementation is QMAILTOASTER, which allow these

I think interworx has used some of these patchs (not sure, to be confirmed by them) Maybe interworx, could gibe more inf on this


eurf stunnel is already installed ???

Didn’t know this ! so it is a soilution

Sorry, I didn’t refresh this thread before replying : newb !!!

what about IMAP SSL for multiple domains

I know this is an ancient thread… but it does begin to solve the issue of installing a cert for IMAP and POP SSL.

The problem is… what if I want IMAP SSL for multiple domains… right now, you can only install a cert for a single domain… how can I support IMAP SSL with multiple domains, each having their own cert?