.htaccess username creator.


I’ve used the “directory options” menu for the first time today and I cannot see how to create different users in it.

Is this available?

Can I ask for it to be included in the next release?



Hi Daniel -

This is actually done through the “FileManager” link in SiteWorx, not the Directory Options.

You’ll navigate to the directory, then use the “protect” link, which is up near the top. Just do it multiple times to add multiple users.


Hi Tim,

Thanks for the quick answer :wink:

I personally think this option should be accesible through the “Directory Options” as it seems more “natural” to do it this way. Don’t you think?

Another question is the language of the File Manager. For us speaking other languages, the whole control panel is translated except for the File Manager. Any option of having this in another language?