.htaccess wow what a confusing mess!

I’ll chalk most of this one up to me being a bit of a noob on .htaccess files but wow, this is really confusing. Now that we’ve migrated our main site over to IW panel we are having massive .htaccess problems.

I can’t for the life of me figure out why the .htaccess is not working as expected in IW panel. Granted I’ve found a few bugs in the panel itself (when more than one page of .htaccess files are shown… it’s a problem) but I’m just not getting expected behavior out of it when it does work as expected.

To me there seems to be something I’m missing.

  1. setting a directory to be browsable still throws a forbidden error. (I’ve chowned & chmod so much I’m stuffed)
  2. setting site wide 403 redirects causes browsing not to work (even if it did)
  3. setting browsable with index files (index.htm, etc…) doesn’t work

I can’t seem to find a reference that points to IW’s hierarchy for .htaccess files… For instance how does setting site wide .htaccess affect directory .htaccess? How does .htaccess affect subdomains and secondary domains if they reside in the same file folder structure?

Any help with this would be appreciated. I also have a ticket open for the bugs I’ve found, but that’s a secondary issue.

Hi mikei

I’ve had a little think before posting, and my thoughts are that you can only have 1 htaccess per folder.

I tested redirect from one folder and it works as expected for me, but think I needed to chmod 755

I didn’t test 403 which afaik, just replaces the error page served, not redirects.

The difference between site wide and folder is, if site wide is set, this is in force until it encounters a folder htaccess, then on that folder htaccess in force for only that folder, or if just using folder htaccess, it can be set only for specific folders.

I hope that helps a little and sorry I have to go, but I know you asked other things, but tapatalk does not display your post whilst typing my post.

The index files to serve afaik need handlers, so apache know what to use to open them, ie php .php but I could be wrong sorry

Many thanks