i wont download file the size is above 2 MB

Dear friend,

In our organization have online Linux server in sago network.The server have an iworx PHP 5, MySQL 4 ,Apache 2 RPMs.Same versions of RPMs have an inside the organization also.But we wont download the file size above 2 MB.But we able to upload the file in any size.

The file content is download upto 2MB.Then automaticaly truncated.we are using HTTPS server for uploading and donloading file.

The php.ini file is properly configured.pls help asap.

You should change this in your /etc/php.ini:

upload_max_filesize = 2M

To (for example if you want the upload limit to be 32Mbyte):

upload_max_filesize = 32M

Or you can create an .htaccess file in your site’s document root with the following in it:

php_value upload_max_filesize 32M

That’s all it takes :smiley:

EDIT: Hmmm I see I read the post wrong… I don’t realy know what you should do to solve the download problem, something tels me it has to do with the connection presistance

If I am understanding you corectly this sounds like a networking issue, I’d suggest putting in a ticket at http://tsc.sagonet.com and having them check your nic card duplex settings and router for problems.

You may also want to provide then with a traceroute from your local box to your server for refference.

If you are downloading a file you uploaded, you will only get the first 2MB of it as PHP has already chopped the file down to the first 2MB…

Try uploading a larger file using FTP and then try downloading it.