Imagick for php

Is Imagick installed on interworx configured servers by default and if so, what is the path?


That will depend on your distrobition Take a look

rpm -qa | grep imagick

If it’s not installed do

yum install php-imagick (I think that’s the package name)

and see if it’s available

If it isn’t take a look at the home page

[EDIT: But to answer your question, no, it’s not installed by the InterWorx installer by default]

yum install ImageMagick

Worked for me. Installs convert to /usr/bin/convert

Edit: I run CentOS4. Installed in a few seconds only, it was really easy.

ImageMagick and Imagick are not the same thing – Imagic is a helper package to make ImageMagick work with php. Depending on the RPM it may or may not need to be instaleld separately.

Thanks for all the help guys, I haven’t gotten around to figuring it out yet but this information is certainly helpful.

I was using the Asido package for resizing images and the GD library seems to make them jagged using the Frame (take any image and fit it to a preset size, but still in proportion and just fills the extra space with a color).

So I installed ImageMagik via YUM on CentOS4.5. The Asido has a driver for ImageMagik shell so I didn’t install the PHP module, but its not working as desired so I think I want to try with the PHP module, is there a way to yum this or i have to build it and then add a php.d/imagick.ini ?