IMAP Backup

This isn’t necessarily an Interworx-centric question but that is the environment I’m dealing with. What is the preferred way to back up email, specifically IMAP folders and mail?

Most of my mail experience has been with Exchange Server. In that setting, I usually did the following for backups:

  1. I had all individual incoming and outgoing email copied to an archival account.
  2. I backed up individual mailboxes/calendars using ExMerge (which dumps a copy of each mailbox to a PST file).
  3. I backed up the entire Exchange database with NTBackup.

I’d like to take a similar approach on an Interworx box. So far, I’m using a qmail tap to archive individual email sent and received. To back up the entire thing, I’m fine with the domain-level backup in Siteworx.

But as far as backing up the IMAP folders, is just copying all of “Maildir” for each user sufficient for doing a restore of an individual account’s mailbox?

Hi Linemen,

Yes each user’s maildir will backup mail folders. But it also obviously backs up the messages themselves too which can occasionally be a few GB in size. You can do partial siteworx backups which only backup mail data if you’d like and that will ensure that data is backed up properly.