impersonate a reseller

I need to do some importing for a reseller. Is there a way to impersonate rather than login as the reseller as I can on other CP’s?

Hi Zarthan,

If I understand you correctly, you want to be able to import an account under a certain reseller, without having to actually login as the reseller? If so, in the current version of InterWorx this is only possible from the command line. See the following docs:

One parameter that is missing is --reseller-id=<id number> where <id number> is the reseller ID number. Getting this ID number is also not very straightforward in the current version of InterWorx. To get this ID number, login to NodeWorx, go to SiteWorx Accounts, and choose a reseller from the dropdown. In the URL you will see the reseller ID number.

All these issues will be addressed in the upcoming release, so please bear with us. :slight_smile:


The command line works fine for now. Thanks.

No. Actually I need to import not restore a file. I need to import files from an Ensim backup.