Import from Cpanel does not copy back .htaccess files

We just did some test imports from a Cpanel (11) server. But it seems the .htaccess files
are not being copied out of the site export. Needless to say that most php applications need a .htaccess (mod_rewrite y0!) to work correct.

I dunno if it is also the case with imports from other systems. I will come to this one.

Also we see the same issue when importing Ensim/PPCP site exports.

Oh and another issue is that when importing a site export. It will create a index.html file if there is not a index.html already EVEN if there is a index.php already.

I just noticed something similar, unreleated to Interworx.

Doing a cp -a * /some/other/directory it copied everything but the .htaccess file. I assume I just needed to add in a switch to allow it to copy the “hidden/system” files.

So maybe this is an easy fix for the importer?

Use ./ instead of * or full dir paths when using cp.

Guys I created a ticket for this issue. Now I received a reply from Interworx that there will be a fix in the next version for this issue.

/me happy :slight_smile: