import from two weeks old backup fails


Two weeks ago I created full backup of a domain and then removed it from SiteWorx. Now I would like to recreate the account and restore it to previous state. I suppose that’s what Import function in SiteWorx menu is for. I tried that method as well as command-line method and they both fail with last message being “Apache not running”, even though both instances of Apache are running and responding. What can be going wrong?

Also using SiteWorx (web interface) method I encountered what might be a bug:

  • in 1st step I select “Use a file already on the server” as well as a reseller
  • correct list of IP addresses available to that reseller is provided in the 2nd step
  • incorrect list of IP addresses is provided in 3rd step … it lists IPs that are NOT available to that reseller instead

Maybe a bug in SELECT clause or selected reseller is lost in 2nd step or not taken into account in 3rd step? I used latest Google Chrome.


Hi Martin,

Can you create a ticket in our support system with the backup file in question so we can take a look?


I should probably add that I am using following command for the import (su-ed to iworx user):

 /home/interworx/bin/import.pex --archive=/home/interworx/tmp/ --ip-address=X.X.X.X --control-panel=siteworx --reseller-id=2