Import log when import doesn't get everything?

I’m importing a large cPanel account (900mb+) into Interworx. I have the file on the server, so I’m just using remote location. Everything seemed to import fine, until I looked a little further. I have a database where some tables didn’t import. I’ve tried it twice, and it does the same thing both times. Getting to a certain table and stopping. Is there an error log showing what happened during the import so I can check and make sure everything else imported successfully? Or do you just cross your fingers and hope that everything is there?

Not sure about the error log question, but an easy solution would be to just do a separate mysql dump. When I just did my move of a site from CP to IW i did this b/c I moved over the site and then a week later when I did the IP switchover I shut down the old site, then did a mysql dump and then imported that dump on the new server to make sure to have the latest data.


mysqldump –-user [user name] –-password=[password] [database name] > [dump file]


mysql --verbose --user [user name] --password=[password] [database name] < [dump file]

Yeah, I’m going to do a dump. I’m just unsure if any other databases were incomplete. I have a total of 27, so going through them all can get tedious. Support answered my error log question. It’s at ~iworx/var/log/iworx.log

Actually I think you can do a dump of all the databases using “–all-databases” option. I’ve never used that so not sure exactly how it works, but I imagine if you run as root it should work.

My only other question would be about AWStats. Does that successfully import? Nothing is showing up on my screen.