Importing from Cpanel

1–I am new to interworx and just using one license to test the product but I am stuck with this cpanel import facility. I am have imported just 10 small sites . The problem I have is that it imports the files, import some database and it appears not to be restoring the databases with the pasword, etc.I don’t know if that is how it works if i have to reset database password for all the accounts imported.

2–the interworx panel is slow for me, and it takes some time to load when you click on any of the side icons.Maybe I am doing something not right . I am on a 4core e5-2630 v3 8gb ram kvm vps

Hi viantee

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If I have understood your post correctly, you need a higher license then 1 license to use more then 1 domain.

Interworx I believe come in 1, 10, 35 or unlimited but could be wrong, as I am not a reseller

Your server specs look fully capable of running interworx, so without knowing more, I could not help, other then to say your server spec should run it lovely, subject to your vps not been fully stacked with vps and fair usage imposed.

Have you run too to see if anything is using resources

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I have unlimited interworx licence bought from a reseller-licencart. I run my own virtualization and i have just 10 kvm vps runing on a [TABLE=“class: comparingOffers”]
[TR=“class: OffersList”]
[TD=“class: Body-1”]Intel Xeon E5
2 x E5-2630v3[/TD]
[TD=“class: Body-1”]16/32t
2,4 / 3,2 GHz[/TD]
[TD=“class: Body-1”]128 GB of RAM
DDR4 ECC 1866 MHz[/TD]

Hi viantee

Many thanks, didn’t know you were the provider or you had unlimited license

Mike is really good and knowledgeable

I think then, you will be in IW 5.1 and perhaps your MySQL passwords are in old hash - could be wrong sorry, as the import should retain the password, except if it’s old hash v4, then it may not

Have you asked mike

Your server should run lovely, given your description but is too showing anything and how sluggish is it that your seeing

Many thanks