Importing from Helm?

Hi guys, today a new client of ours has come with around 40 domains on a Helm machine and he would like to transfer them to our Interworx machine. Can this be done? The importer does not show this option…:frowning:

Unfortunately, we don’t have a Helm importer. If I remember correctly, Helm didn’t have a native backup/restore utility. Helm users had to buy another utility, from a 3rd party company, to make backups.

OK, so any idea on how we can import the 40 accounts? By hand??? I hope not.ARRRGHH!!!

Unless there’s something I’m missing, I’m afraid so. :frowning: If Helm had a (native/supported) means of neatly packaging up the contents of a single account, we may be able to look into getting it added for a future release.

Thanks Socheat. I have been reading extensively about this and Helm doesn’t have a backup/restore system :eek: How can anyone create a control panel like this??? Well…we’ll just have to start importing by hand…