Importing from Plesk7.5 to Interworx2.0.5

I’m probably doing something wrong, or I’m missing something, but here is what I did to import one account from Plesk to Interworx:

  1. In Plesk, I made a backup of, and I got the file:
  2. in Interworx panel, using import feature, I uploaded this file, and I got this message:
    ? Archive file : /tmp/domain.com_2005.07.26_03.11
    ? Working directory : /tmp/pleskimport1H966H
  3. no results

I check the “/tmp” folder, and there was no any “pleskimport1H966H” - only the files that were there even before the import started.

Which part did I do wrong? :slight_smile:

gRF, could you open a support ticket with your server login information (Nodeworx login and ssh), so that we can debug the problem further?


If the backup file is over 2gb good luck.

We had a couple that were 7GB in size and we had to manually import them.

Thankfully you can pick apart the PLESK backups.

It’s just time consuming.

jerricho is right, for large® plesk backups the process breaks down. We’re working on fixing the issue but it may not make it into the next release, but will be there as soon as we can get it.

In the meantime if anyone needs help importing a large plesk backup just open a ticket and we’ll help out.