Imunify Installation Hanging - Current Workaround

We were just notified of an issue with Imunify installation. Due to upstream changes in Imunify, the installer hangs because Imunify implemented an interactive option without warning.

In order to get Imunify installed on InterWorx, you’ll need to do the following before attempting to install Imunify:

  1. Open the file ~iworx/plugins/imunifyav/opt/Imunifyav/conf/integration.conf.
  2. Add the line panel_info = /etc/sysconfig/imunify360/ under the [integration_scripts] heading
  3. Create a file at /etc/sysconfig/imunify360/ (you may need to create this directory).
  4. Add the following contents to /etc/sysconfig/imunify360/

# Main script execution
main() {
     echo "{
         \"data\": {
             \"name\": \"InterWorx\",
             \"version\": \"unknown\"
         \"metadata\": {
            \"result\": \"ok\"
  1. chmod /etc/sysconfig/imunify360/ to 755.
  2. Run the InteWorx Imunify installation as usual.

If you’ve already attempted to install Imunify and are seeing it hanging. First, confirm in ~iworx/var/log/imunify/install.log that you’re getting a “Do you want to continue? [y/N]” message at the end of the log. Second, kill any processes with in the name. Then take the steps above.

We have already submitted a bug ticket to get this fixed in our code, but we do not have a timeline for its release at the moment.

Note: This issue is resolved as of InterWorx version 7.13.25