Install "file manager"


“file manager” is not in the siteworks menu of my control panel. How can i add it?


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Goto nodeworx, server, settings, siteworx and enable file manager status and save

The default setting for file manager is enabled so not sure why yours is disabled.

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File Manager Status is already enabled but i can not find it in control panel left pane.


Perhaps it is a theme issue then

Try changing theme to a default theme to see if it appears correctly

If it still does not appear, and you have tried using a different browser (to be sure it is not pulling from browser cache) I would open a support ticket with your licence provider and let IW have a look

This is the first tome I have heard of File Manager not been shown though sorry

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The theme installed is ‘Gandalf’. Same thing with firefox.

I have opened a support ticket:

Thanks for your help.

Hi fanmail

It looks like you got the information you needed in the support ticket. If not let me know and we will followup with you in the ticket.